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Fishing methods page: Some of the text on this page has been replicated and edited, with permission, using the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) “Good Fish Guide” (2003), “Commercial fishing methods: an introduction to vessels and gears”, Sainsbury J C (1996) Third Edition, “Fishing” News Books, Oxford, and “Commercial fishing: the wider ecological impacts”, Edited by G Moore & S Jennings (2000), Blackwell Science Ltd.

Newlyn Market and Day boats pages: Some of the text on these pages has been quoted, with permission, from Cornish Fishing and Seafood by Carol Trewin, with photographs by Adam Woolfitt, published by Alison Hodge to support the Duchy Fish Quota Company. Thank you.

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For a fascinating insight into the Cornish fishing industry we highly recommend Carol Trewin’s Cornish Fishing and Seafood, (Alison Hodge, 2005). Available for purchase from the Duchy Fish Quota Company.


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  • Seafish Authority, (2004), The Consumer’s Guide to Sea Fish

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