Boat Croply

Fish Availability

Fish are not grown to order, so it’s important for us all to remember that fish is a hunted resource. Fish life cycles vary throughout the year as well as fishing zones. The industry is also weather dependent which can make sourcing particular species difficult at times. We can only consume what nature has to offer.

To try and counter availability issues we do the following:

  • We work with an extensive national and international network of seafood suppliers whom we’ve dealt with for years. This means we can offer you seasonal produce in fallow months when other suppliers may not prove reliable.
  • We use Newlyn as our primary port, and have done since the 1940s, allowing us to quickly source fresh fish from abundant waters surrounding the Cornish coastline.
  • We’re a huge supporter of our local fishing community and work closely with independent fishermen working their day boats in small ports and coves across Cornwall, to offer you day boat specials fresh from our shores.

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