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Fish in Season

Our¬†Fish-in-Season-tracker¬†helps you identify the best time to buy each type of species allowing you to make informed buying decisions. Click on any fish, or it’s alternative, to find more information.

Fish in season usually costs less money because it’s plentiful which drives the price down. They’re also a good weight and size, giving you more flesh for your money. Sourcing fish before the spawing season also avoids interrupting natural fish reproduction cycles.

Fresh fish are usually in peak condition prior to spawning and are described as “spent” afterwards. For example, female Plaice can appear thin and underweight after this period. For stocks to replenish themselves and for fishing to be sustainable enough, fish must be allowed to reproduce or spawn.

To ensure we have healthy fish stocks for the future we do the following things:

  • While taking your order, we inform you if roe has been detected in whole fish to aid your buying decision.
  • We only procure and sell fresh fish that are of a legal and sustainable size.
  • We cut premium pieces from large fish fillets to produce generous single serve portions.
  • We may suggest an alternative species.