Boat Croply II


The seafood suppliers we work with are true champions, tirelessly working with us to produce goods when you need them.

Ensuring your fish is fresh and local

We’re a huge supporter of our local fishing community and work closely with independent fishermen working their day boats in small ports and coves across Cornwall.

Insisting your fish is top quality

We’ve worked closely with Newlyn fish merchants W James & Son for over 50 years. Richard’s keen eye for quality and his knowledge and buying experience is second-to-none.

Offering you only the best shellfish

Fowey Sea Farms, near St Austell, cultivate the finest rope-grown Mussels we’ve seen with good sized meats that retain their sweetness and flavour. Their pacific Oysters are also a big hit in Cornwall.

Sourcing the finest smoked fish

Internationally-famed Alfred Enderby in Grimsby have refined their fish smoking methods over 50 years. Using 100 year old brick smoke houses, they cure Haddock overnight for outstanding flavour.

Crab from local shores

Peter Matthews is (in our view) the most highly experienced crab fisherman in the industry. Operating his boat from the south coast in Fowey, Peter, catches Brown Crabs regularly throughout the year.

Helping you ethically source

We’re proud to work with Loch Duart, the Sustainable Salmon Company. As wild stocks dwindle they strive to provide exceptional quality farmed fish. Their Salmon was served at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wedding.

Want to find out more about sustainability?

Check out our Sustainable Fish section.