Fillet Croply

Quick Reference Fillets

Please note these are our most popular fillets. We also sell whole fish that can be filleted or prepared to your exacting requirements, see our Quick Reference Fresh list. Please be aware that all grades are for guidance purposes only therefore no fillet is an exact measurement.

Fresh Grade Weight Frozen
Cod Fillets Small Under 500g  X
Medium 500g-1kg  X
Large 1-3kg
Haddock Fillets Small 100-150g
Small/Medium 150-170g  ✔
Small/Medium 170-200g  X
Medium 300-500g  X
Large 500g-1kg  ✔
Smoked Haddock Fillets Standard 300g-1kg  ✔
Hake Fillets Small 100-200g  X
  Medium 250-500g  X
Ling Fillets Standard 500g+  ✔
Pollack Fillets Large 600g+
Medium 200-600g  X
Salmon Fillets Scottish 1-1.5kg
Loch Duart 1-1.5kg  X
Whiting Fillets Small Various