Dover Sole Croply

Finest Quality

A table of hungry diners choosing your spectacular fresh fish and seafood expect the very best, and that’s exactly what you get when buying from us. Our seafood is of the finest quality because we do the following:

  • The majority of fish we supply is ‘E’ Grade (European Quality of Freshness Classification), the highest grade possible.
  • Onboard packing optimises fresh fish quality and some Cornish fishermen use slush ice to lengthen fish shelf life.
  • Certain species of our fish are sustainably caught using hand lines, long lines, purse seining and seine netting.
  • These fishing methods ensure little contact between fish and fishing equipment reducing the need for human handling.
  • We choose fish that have bright eyes, red gills, shiny skin, firm flesh, good colour, stiff tails, scales intact and fresh aroma.
  • All our fish is ice-packed and transported in refrigerated vans to our factory to retain optimum freshness and firmness.
  • We store fish by grade and date and rotate stock on a daily basis to accommodate fresh fish deliveries every morning.

This is a very important and vital process we undertake to ensure you get the finest-looking fish for your kitchen. So when making a cost comparison between our products and those of other suppliers, make sure you compare like for like products, particularly quality classification in relation to price.

Want to know more?

Check out the day boats operating from our unique ports and coves in Cornwall.