Ray Wings Croply

Ray Wings

Ray Wings are cut from a tasty flat fish abundant in our Cornish waters. There are three types of Ray we source from Newlyn Harbour and Bideford: Blonde, Star and Owl.

As a species they belong in the same category as Skate but there are no fishing restrictions that apply to Ray. Skate appears on the Greenpeace red list due to over-fishing so it’s important not to confuse the two.

Similar to Dover Sole, Ray reaches its peak flavour a day or two after being caught. Its meaty flesh is tender which tastes delicious pan-fried with butter. Wings can weigh anything between 200g and 1kg.

Available fresh as follows:

  • Sold by the kilo
  • 250-300g portion

Fish in Season:

Available all year but at its best between May and February.

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