Wild Bass Croply


Wild Sea Bass that are hand-line caught are a prize catch. Available all year, price is variable depending on availability. Wild Sea Bass has a strong flavour ideal for Thai inspired dishes with white, flaky flesh that has a firm texture. If you buy by the fillet, we automatically scale them for you as they’re difficult to remove.

The controlled nature of farming means Sea Bass are consistently available though farmed grades are smaller than their wild counterparts. At half the price farmed Bass remain a popular choice despite a slightly higher fat content.

Wild Fresh:

  • 500g-1kg
  • 1-2kg
  • 2kg+ (can be up to 7kg in weight)

Farmed Fresh:

  • 400-600g Whole
  • 180-200g Fillet Portion

Farmed Frozen:

  • 400-600g Whole (case of 10)
  • 180-200g Fillet Portion (case of 20)

Fish in Season:

The season for Wild Sea Bass is August to March. Farmed fish are available all year round.


Wild or farmed Sea Bream

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