Gilt Head Bream Croply


Wild Black Sea Bream are a non-pressured stock which means there are plenty available, particularly in Celtic waters. A superb tasting fish, it’s similar to Sea Bass but with sweeter flesh suiting dishes with subtler flavours such as Mediterranean vegetables and herbs. Their scales are very hard so we remove them for you.

The controlled nature of farming means Gilt Head Bream are consistently available. Our fillet portions are very popular as they’re vacuum packed which gives them a longer shelf life and makes them great for freezing.

Wild Bream Fresh:

  • 300-500g
  • 500g-800g
  • 800g+

Farmed Bream Fresh or Frozen:

  • 400-600g Whole
  • 180-200g Fillet Portion

Farmed Bream Frozen:

  • 400-600g Whole (case of 10)
  • 180-200g Fillet Portion (case of 20)

Fish in Season:

Wild available July to December. Farmed available all year round.


Wild or farmed Bass

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