Haddock Croply


Haddock is a close relative of Cod and has a similar texture but is more flavoursome; so-much-so, that Icelandics consider Haddock a superior fish. A great fryer for fish and chips, it’s a popular choice and a fine alternative for Cod.

Some of our Haddock fillets are not automatically scaled or skinned so please ask for this type of preparation if you require it when you place your order.


  • Small/Medium fillets 150-200g
  • Medium fillets 250-350g
  • Large 400g+ fillets (can be up to 1kg) automatically scaled
  • 180-200g Fillet Portion

Frozen Icelandic Haddock Fillets Skin On & Boneless (IQF) in 4.54kg boxes:

  • 140-170g
  • 170-200g
  • 200-225g
  • 200-250g Skinless & Boneless

Fish in Season:

Available all year round but at it’s finest in May and June.


Cod, Ling, Pollack, Hake or Whiting. Smoked Haddock also available from our Smoke house.

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