Trout Croply


Wild Sea Trout is a much sought after fish which we source from Scotland. Similar to Salmon in appearance, it is also rich in Omega-3 oils. Although it’s classed as the same species as Brown Trout, Sea Trout migrates to the sea whereas Brown Trout prefers fresh water.

Rainbow Trout is a cheaper option to its wild counterpart and is available the year round due to many years of successful farming. A popular choice for spring and summer menus, these beautifully coloured fish are often bought and cooked as whole portions.


  • Whole Wild Sea Trout up to 5kg
  • Whole Farmed Sea Trout 2-3kg
  • Whole Farmed Rainbow Trout 300-350g (gilled and gutted)
  • 80-100g Farmed Rainbow Fillets (pinned)

Fish in Season:

Wild Sea Trout March to August. Farmed Rainbow Trout available all year round.


Scottish or Loch Duart Salmon

Smoked Trout also available from our Smoke house.

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