Keta Caviar Croply

Seafood Deli range

Our Seafood Deli and Caviar range can help you add extra flavour, richness, texture, or colour to fresh fish and seafood dishes for an element of je ne sais quoi.


  • Smoked Herring Avruga 125g – holds a delicate nutty flavour
  • Salmon Keta 100g – oily texture ideal for canapés and sushi
  • Herring Onuga 100g – deep flavour great for luxurious sauces*
  • Grey Mullet Poutargue (smoked) – for the perfect Taramasalata*
  • Cod Roe – salty and smoky flavour suited to savoury beignets*
  • Ling Roe – great pan fried with bacon or sautéed*
  • Pollack Roe – a popular ingredient for Japanese inspired dishes*
  • Lumpfish Roe 100g – affordable and tasty Onuga alternative

* Please check when these fish are in season and give 24 hours’ notice when ordering.

Seafood Deli range

  • Anchovies in Oil Tub 1kg – great in salads and pasta dishes
  • Herring Roll Mops Jar – smashing addition to winter salads
  • Fresh Samphire by the kilo – tasty and colourful sea garnish for fish
  • Squid Ink Sachet 100g – gives pasta a colourful edge
  • Seafood Italian Salad Tub 1kg – perfect for a ready to eat snack

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