Cockles Croply

Cockles, Whelks, Winkles

Cockles, Whelks and Winkles are considered great snack foods but their popularity as a shellfish cooking ingredient has increased. We source Winkles from a supplier scouring the shores around Mousehole and Whelks from fishermen working off the Manhood Peninsula in Selsey, West Sussex, who use trap technology and various bait types. Our Cockles are raked from various seafronts across the UK.


  • Live Cockles by the kilo
  • Live Whelks by the kilo
  • Live Winkles by the kilo


  • Cockle meat by the kilo
  • Whelk meat by the kilo

Fish in Season:

Available all year round – weather permitting.


Mussels, Clams or Octopus

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