Croply II


Our live Lobsters are sourced from Cornish waters, mostly the St Ives coastline, or from Scottish shores towards November/December. We only accept animals of a legal catch size which is around 500g upwards.

Lobster fishermen in Cornwall also practise the V-notch system when capturing these fine animals. A V-notch is a triangular cut on the tail fin of a female egg-bearer that takes several molts (when a lobster changes shells to grow) to disappear. This sustainable-focussed practise means they’re protected from harvest for a few years to allow spawning.

Live Lobster Grades:

  • Small 500g-600g
  • Medium 600g-800g (prime)
  • Large 800g-1kg
  • Extra Large 1kg+

Fish in Season:

April to November

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