Mussels Croply


Rope growing is a great way to cultivate quality Mussels. The ropes are suspended from long-lines that are anchored to the seabed, and the mussel larvae attach themselves directly to the lines. This means they don’t touch the seabed and pick up grit or barnacles. The meat content is also high as they are not exposed at low tides allowing them to constantly feed.

Our award winning River Exe Mussels are sourced from Exmouth in waters so clean some areas are classified at times as “A” Grade, which requires little or no treatment. However, depuration is carried out to make extra sure they’re safe to eat. Our suppliers use fresh ice to keep the mussels damp and cool to prevent dry out and gaping, then use a specially created packing system involving flushed oxygen which extends their shelf life up to eight days.


  • Rope Grown St Austell Bay Mussels by the kilo or 5kg net
  • Atmospheric-packed River Exe Mussels 3kg tray (Taste of the West Gold Award)


  • Danish Mussel Meat 454g pack/9kg case
  • Mussels Whole Shell 5kg box
  • New Zealand Green Lipped Half Shells 1kg box or 12kg case

Fish in Season:

Available all year round however meats are smaller in the spring/summer due to spawning.


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