Oyster Croply


Oysters cultivated in Cornwall are a treasured yet affordable delicacy and are amongst some of the finest shellfish in the country. Our Pacific (or Rock) Oysters are originally cultured in Rock and brought to the River Fal to mature.

Our Native Oysters are sourced from the Helford River. They’re flatter and rounder in shape and deemed to be superior in quality. This is due to their richer, creamier texture just before spawning. A longer growing period adds to their price.

Either type are ideal served raw with a squeeze of lemon or drop of Tabasco, or try grilling them with bacon, cream and Worcester Sauce – Kilpatrick style.

Fish in Season:

Pacific Oysters available all year round, Native Oysters September to April only.

Alternative Shellfish:

Mussels or Clams

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