Prawn Croply


We sell a variety of Prawns including small, succulent Atlantic Prawns or Crevettes and giant, meaty Tiger Prawns which are frozen at source. Preserving produce in this way locks in freshness and retains quality.

We also stock live Prawns from Cornish shores which have a short season and shelf life but can be a great addition to summer menus. For Prawns with a longer shelf life brine tubs are ideal.

Our farmed Tiger Prawns are sourced from certified fisheries located in Western Indo-Pacific waters. Compliance includes checks on discharge of organic matter and nutrients leading to environmental changes, use of chemicals and therapeutics in production and the potential for disease transfer between farmed and wild Prawns. It’s our policy not to source shellfish from farms that do not meet strict criterion.

Make sure you check the glaze level (amount of iced water) packed with your frozen Prawns or seafood when you order with other merchants – high glaze creates a cheaper product but with fewer Prawns. We only source low glaze bags and boxes of Prawns so you get more meat for your money.


  • Live Falmouth Bay Prawns by the kilo
  • Raw Crevettes by the kilo


  • Cooked Peeled Prawns in brine 1.5kg tub
  • King Prawns in brine 1.5kg tub
  • Brown Shrimps Peeled 100g pack (also frozen)

Frozen Raw:

  • Tiger Prawns Whole (head on) 1kg box/10kg case (various grades)
  • Tiger Prawns Headless (shell on) 800g bag/8kg case
  • Tiger Prawns Headless (peeled/deveined) 1kg bag/10kg case 16/20 grade
  • Langoustines Whole (shell on) 1kg box (various grades)

Frozen Cooked and Peeled:

  • Atlantic Sandwich Prawns 2.5kg bag/10kg case (various grades)
  • Luxury Royal Greenland Prawns 2.5kg bag/10kg case
  • Tiger Prawns Headless (tail on) 900g bag
  • Crevettes (shell on) 2kg boxes (various grades)
  • Prawns (shell on) 5kg box 90/120 grade

Fish in Season:

Available all year round. Live Falmouth Bay Prawns August to October.

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