Scallop Croply


We shuck and hand-cut all our scallops on-site straight from local day boats. This means the shells are not opened until the moment before you place your order, which helps them retain optimum freshness. We rinse each shell thoroughly to purge any sand or particles, taking great care not to soak the meats, so they don’t absorb water.

All Scallops are sold with roe intact which is a beautiful bright orange colour. On occasion, roe colours can vary and be slightly milkier – this does not detract from the quality or flavour and they are perfectly edible. Our scallops have a sweet, delicate flavour and are best pan-fried, steamed or grilled.

Available fresh or frozen:

  • Scallop Meats 1kg Tub
  • Scallops in the Half Shell
  • Queen Scallop Meats 500g bag (frozen only)
  • Empty shells by the kilo or box

Fish in Season:

Available all year round – weather permitting. Hand-dived Scallops need to be ordered in advance and can only be sourced during fair weather conditions.


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