Squid & Octopus Croply

Squid & Octopus

Our Squid is sourced primarily from day boats at Looe Harbour. Octopus is available throughout the year however only small quantities are landed at Newlyn Harbour.

You can buy either species whole to prepare in your own kitchen, but this can prove messy if the ink sack punctures. Instead, we can clean them for you, leaving a smooth tube of white flesh filled with the cut fins and tentacles.

Squid has a firm texture, ideal for scoring flat and cut into pieces for stir-frying. Octopus has a medium-to-sweet taste and is easily over-cooked. Both freeze exceptionally well which helps tenderise the meat.


  • Squid weights vary from 200g up to 1kg, sold by the kilo
  • Octopus is not graded in weight and sold by the kilo


  • Battered Squid Rings 500g bags
  • Large Squid Tubes 1kg bags or cases of 10
  • Small Cleaned Squid (11/20) 10kg case
  • Local Cleaned Squid by the kilo
  • Local Squid Rings by the kilo

Fish in Season:

Avoid December to May for Squid (spawning season). Octopus is commonly caught between March and September.



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