Smoke House Croply

Smoke house

We source a variety of smoked fish from across the UK, using various suppliers. None of our prime products are artificially dyed as the smoke creates a natural pigmentation. Longer hang times for each fish or fillet also lock in more flavour.

Smoked Haddock

Our smoked Haddock is sourced from one of the few family-run fish smoking firms left on the east coast of England. Their smoke houses have been running over hundreds of years using traditional smoking methods.

Fresh or frozen:

  • Enderby Naturally Oak-smoked Fillets (14 hour) fresh by the kilo or 3kg box
  • Naturally Smoked Fillets (2 hour) fresh by the kilo or 3.18kg box
  • Dyed Haddock (frozen only) 3.18kg box

Smoked Salmon

Our smoked Salmon is cured by a first-class smokery situated between two of England’s most celebrated Salmon rivers. Their production techniques and smoking processes remain traditional with grading, filleting, curing and cutting mostly done by hand. They also chip their own oak wood for smoking which gives their products a unique and distinctive taste.

Fresh or frozen:

  • Long-cut Sliced Sides 1kg packs
  • D-cut Sliced Sides 1kg packs
  • Unsliced Sides 1kg packs
  • Trimmings 500g packs
  • Canapé slices 100g packs

Other Smoked Fish

Fresh or Frozen:

  • Trout Fillets 125g pack
  • Kipper Whole fresh by the kilo or frozen 3.18kg box
  • Mackerel Fillets fresh by the kilo or 3.18kg box


  • Kipper Fillets 3.18kg box
  • Mackerel Peppercorn Fillets 3.18kg box

Fish in Season:

All smoked fish is available the year round.

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