Chef Training Programme Croply

Chef Training Programme

Do you or your staff need to know more about the fresh fish delivered to your kitchen? We run a highly successful Chef training programme during the winter months that includes:

  • Newlyn Fish Market visit – guided walk and talk tour of the market and harbour
  • Fish grading – witness the technology invested in grading fish types
  • Quality processes – discover the best ways to identify fresh fish
  • Fish auctioning – experience the auctioning process first-hand
  • Filleting techniques – learn some new skills or improve your current ability
  • Fish yields – understand wastage and how fillet prices are calculated
  • Banquet practice – bulk order preparation tasks under timed conditions

Attendees are given a tour of the factory showcasing all aspects of fresh fish merchant operations and fish preparation. Each fish species is identified followed by preparation demonstrations, after which attendees can practice their skills. A banquet exercise also helps chefs increase their speed as well as agility, for large-scale events. We can also tailor sessions towards areas that suit your interest.

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Contact our main office for more details. Please note this programme is available for chefs with trading accounts only.