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Sustainable Fish Seminar

Find out about fish ecology, fresh fish sourcing, fishing methods and fisheries science and management at our Sustainable Fish Seminar. Held during the winter months, these informative events are not to be missed.

Nathan de Rozarieux of Tegen Mor Fisheries Consultants has extensive experience in the fishing industry as a fisherman (skipper and owner), consultant to WWF (formerly the World Wildlife Fund), managing quotas for the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation for south west England, and panelist for DEFRA Fisheries Innovation panel, among other occupational titles.

Nathan’s presentation offers an all-round perspective on national and local statistics, fish diversity, the mechanics and effects of fishing gear, fisheries science and sustainability and how all these elements are managed within European law.

Matthew answers queries about fish species, suppliers, local landings and markets which creates a narrative link between the wider industry and the fish delivered to your kitchen.

Rick Stein’s experience

“Matthew Stevens organised a seminar for our staff to discuss fish sustainability in the South West, it was a great success and we all benefited from it. Matthew and consultant, Nathan de Rozarieux, explained current fishing methods and stocks of fish we sell in a way that our waiters could easily explain to customers.

We were fascinated and heartened by the fact that trawling is far less destructive to the environment than we were lead to believe and fish stocks are relatively healthy thanks to the seriousness fish conservation is afforded in this part of the country”.

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Contact our main office for more details. Please note this programme is available for chefs with trading accounts only.