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Fish preparation

Our fantastic team of professionally trained filleters and packers have many years’ experience in specialist fresh fish preparation. Filleting flat fish alone is an arduous task, so when the pressure is on to fulfill hundreds of orders – these guys really are the business.

The preparation of “pan ready” orders such as Megrim Sole, Red Mullet, Wild Bass, Dover Sole, Butterfly Sardines, and Mackerel may require the fish to be scaled, trimmed, gutted or filleted and often pin-boned. This requires a considerable amount of manual dexterity and skill and can occupy even the best filleter for long periods during the day.

In the filleting room, stock items require constant replenishing due to their popularity. On an average day one filleter can cut 220 kilos of 400-600g Bass, 60 kilos of the same size Bream and 140 kilos of Haddock, whilst others concentrate on other species to keep up with demand.

In the packing room, thousands of whole and filleted fish, portions and dry goods are carefully sorted and boxed. The packing team handle fillets as infrequently as possible to keep them fresh and iced. They are then covered with perforated paper to prevent them drying out and protect them from melting ice.

Vaccum packing is a popular process for fish storage, particularly at Christmas time, as it makes produce easy to freeze and the plastic prevents freezer burn.

Want to know more?

Improve your fish knowledge and preparation skills on our Chef training programme, specially designed for professional chefs, or attend a Factory visit and witness fish specialist operations! Contact our main office for further details.

Please note these programmes are available for chefs with trading accounts only.