Trade Deliveries

Fast Service

Our speedy fish deliveries ensure you receive the freshest fish and seafood possible. From the moment our fish is caught it’s packed on ice, processed, and packed in insulated polystyrene boxes with frozen ice packs so it arrives in pristine condition. There’s no minimum order value or  extra charge for carriage (excluding north Devon and London/Nationwide).

Telephone orders

  • Call us Monday to Friday between 8am-4pm to speak to our sales team
  • Or on Saturdays between 8am-10am
  • Or leave a message on our answer phone between 4pm-7am (outside office hours)

Delivery Schedule

  • Every day of the week at the height of the season to local customers
  • Five days a week during the rest of the year, including London
  • South Devon vans run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Extenuating circumstances

Please be aware that on the odd occasion our deliveries may be later than usual owing to holiday traffic, road works, or a high volume of orders placed during high season. Our drivers know their routes well and they’re very aware that you need your fresh fish before service, they do their utmost to get to you as quickly as possible. Please be patient and considerate if we are late, it’s very rarely the driver’s fault.

Call our main office number for estimated times of arrival.