Sustainable Fish

Looking for information on sustainable fish sourcing can be confusing. The number of environmental groups and websites set up to help guide chefs on the subject is enormous and, sadly, advice can be contradictory. For clarity, and to re-assure you of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve placed it at the top of our agenda:

  • We scrutinise the provenance and sustainability of everything we sell, so you don’t have to.
  • We’re in touch daily with fish auction markets across the South West and regularly talk to fishermen’s leaders who work tirelessly in London and Brussels to benefit the industry.
  • We have direct contact with a number of NGOs (non governmental organisations) and we consult experts who can access information and research not yet published.

As a result, our advice may be different to that you have heard or read, but you can be certain it’s an up-to-date reflection of the situation in our area. So, like the quality of the fresh fish we sell and the service we provide, you can be assured that our sourcing policies are first class.

Want to find out more?

If you’re a professional chef and you’re keen to keep abreast of the remarkable ongoing changes within our industry, book a place on our next Sustainable Fish Seminar (winter season only).