Aquaculture Croply


Fish farming has grown largely in response to the declining availability of fresh fish from capture fisheries. In Europe, it’s a highly regulated industry where companies must meet strict guidelines and certification requirements. In the EU aquaculture is generally an intensive practice where husbandry is provided throughout the entire life cycle of a fish, crustacean or mollusc.

Here’s how we’re involved

  • Our small independent supplier, Loch Duart, owns some of the oldest farmed sites in Scotland. The quality of their Salmon is attributed to the priority given to the health and welfare of fish and to the long-term protection of the environment.
  • This has been achieved by a unique fallowing system which allows each of the sea lochs to remain unused for one year in three. As in traditional rotation in land farming, one full year allows natural cleansing and regeneration. No anti-foulants or antibiotics (medicines) are used.
  • Our farmed Sea Bass and Gilt Head Sea Bream are imported from European certified fisheries that have years of fish farming knowledge and experience. Their philosophy for high quality products through socially responsible procedures has been confirmed by Greenpeace in the annual list for the use of non-genetically modified feed for live stock products.
  • They’re also certified to ISO standard for operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

All aquaculture fisheries have to work hard to ensure their impact upon the environment is minimal or negligible. While demand for competitively priced fish such as Salmon, Bass and Bream remains high, these fisheries will remain an important part of our supply chain.

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