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Sustainable Industry

The Cornish Fishing Industry we know and love has changed immensely over the last ten years. It now embraces the challenge of sustainability as a forefront consideration, and a range of pioneering initiatives aimed at improving sustainability of fish stocks have been developed:

  • Cornish vessels were the first to take part in the Fisheries Science Partnership (FSP) programme in 2004 and as a result have improved scientific knowledge on stocks of fresh fish including local Hake, Cod, Sole and Monkfish.
  • In 2002, plans were introduced to help re-build Hake and Dover Sole stocks. These have been highly effective, increasing stocks by 50% and 30% respectively through fleet reductions and effort restrictions.
  • The Trevose Box is a 3,600 square mile area off the North Cornish Coast that protects spawning fish for three months by means of a total fishing ban. It was proposed by Cornish fishermen and is the largest closure of its type in Europe.
  • Since 2009, fishermen in Brixham, Plymouth and Looe have fitted square mesh panels to their nets allowing small fish and non-target species to escape. The results have been staggering with an average reduction in discards of 60%. As a result, the project has been recognised by the EU Fisheries Commissioner as an example of best practice in Europe.

Want to find out more?

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